OSDImage is a small image-viewing plugin for the VDR.

It uses the OSD of VDR to view pictures, so it depends on the capabilities of the used output-device if the result looks any good. On modded FF-cards and soft-devices the quality is ok, as 256 colors can be used. On regular FF-cards only a palette of 16 colors can be used, so the result is not so pleasant.

For further information see the ReadMe.

version released developed under download link comments
0.1.2 05.11.2004 vdr-1.3.15 vdr-osdimage-0.1.2.tgz Bugfix release
0.1.1 30.10.2004 vdr-1.3.14 vdr-osdimage-0.1.1.tgz Bugfix release
0.1.0 27.10.2004 vdr-1.3.14 vdr-osdimage-0.1.0.tgz Initial release