VDR Plugin 'osdimage' README

This is a "plugin" for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR).

Written by: Andreas Brugger

Project's homepage: http://brougs78.vdr-developer.org

Latest version available at: http://brougs78.vdr-developer.org

See the file COPYING for license information.

Short Description: Views Pictures on the OSD


Ok, this is my first attempt of writing a plugin for the VDR (the software we
all love so much ... thank you Klaus). Actually it is also my first C++-program
so please keep that in mind, if you're planning to tear of my head for the bad
coding-style. ;-)

So what's it all about? There are several of people out there, who have an OSD,
which is capable of 256-color at fullscreen. So I thought it would be a nice
idea to use that for viewing pictures. After some promissing tests I tried to
put it all together and write a plugin ... and there it is.
I also thought that propably pictures in 16 colors wouldn't look that bad on
standard-TVs, so I added that possibility. Therefor also the unmodded DVB-cards
are capable of using this plugin (don't know about the DXR3). But if you own
a LCD-TV or Plasma-TV I don't think you want to violate your eyes with that. ;-)

You can look at the homepage
which shows some examples. But like I said, on standard TV's it should look
better than on a monitor.



Like the majority of all other plugins. Just type

in the VDR-source-directory and add the plugin to your VDR-start-script:

It is only possible to add one directory, so if you have more than one directory
I recommend you make a "master-dir" where you link to other dirs.
Mounting of CD- or DVD-drives is also not supported, so if you're planning to
watch pictures from one of those it is best to use an automounter.
BTW, bash-variables in the path are not evaluated (it's on my TODO).


- Viewing pictures ;-)
- Slideshow (interval configurable via the setup-menu)
- changeable alpha-values for picture, background and text-area
- supports two different quantizer
- autmatically determines the capability of the OSD-providing hardware for selection of 256- or 16-color-mode


In the picture-selection-mode:
- LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN      traditional navigation mode
- OK on [..]                 jump to the parent-directory
     on [xyz]                enter the directory [xyz]
     on pic.jpg              generate playlist for all the pictures in the current directory
                             (without the subdirs) and show the selected one
- EXIT                       back to the main menu
- RED                        generate playlist for all the pictures in the current directory (including the subdirs)
                             and show the first one
- BLUE                       end the plugin

In the picture-viewing-mode:
- DOWN, UP                   previous, next picture
- LEFT, RIGHT                jump 10 pictures down or up in the picture-list
- EXIT                       end the plugin
- RED                        rotate back to initial state (orientation like in the picture-file)
- GREEN                      rotate 90 counter-clockwise
- YELLOW                     rotate 90 clockwise
- BLUE                       start slide-show, which automatically switches to the next picture in the playlist and
                             stops at the end of the list (the timeout can be adjusted in teh setup-menu)