Welcome to the private homepage of
                          Andreas Brugger aka brougs78

This homepage is mostly dedicated to VDR (the Video Disc Recorder by Klaus Schmidinger).
In the VDR section you find the Plugin OSDImage and the Skin Enigma for the text2skin-Plugin.

The "about me" button reveals some facts about me.

Under "links" I've collect some useful links.


30.05.2007 brand new hompage (many thanks to Pengo for the neat design)
08.07.2005 new version (v0.1c) of the Timer-Info-Patch
05.07.2005 new version (v0.3a) of the Enigma-Skin
09.06.2005 updated and extended the homepage a little bit
new version (v0.3) of the Enigma-Skin for vdr-1.3.25