VDR Plugin 'Enigma' README

This is a skin for the VDR (Video Disc Recorder by Klaus Schmidinger)

Written by: Andreas Brugger

Project's homepage: http://brougs78.vdr-developer.org

Latest version available at: http://brougs78.vdr-developer.org

See the file COPYING for license information.

Short Description: VDR Skin for text2skin
                   The current CVS-version of the text2skin-plugin
                   by Sascha Volkenandt is required.


Enigma is inspired by the DBOX-II-Skin Enigma. The skin includes several
channel-logos, which match the general design of the skin (80x80 Pixels with
transparency). The logos are mostly by speedbomb
(http://www.speedbomb.de/hobby/myhtpc/index.php?view=html/logos.php) and a few
provides by Thomas of the VDR-Portal (http://senderlogos.vdr-developer.org).
If the skin doesn't find a suitable logo in 'Enigma/hqlogos' it tries to find
a logo in 'Enigma/logos' so maybe you want to copy (or better link) your "old" logos there.

The skin uses a modified version of the font 'Bitstream Vera Sans Mono' by
'The Gnome Project' (http://www.gnome.org/fonts/). It was kindly provided by
Frank Jepsen (http://www.jepsennet.de/vdr/html/enigma.html). It now includes the
'WarEagle'-icons and some other improvements (see Frank's homepage for mor info
on that). To use/see the icons, you have to apply the Patch
'WarEagle'-icon-patch. The last version I know of is from TomG
If you have problems with the font, you can use the original 'Vera'-font by

The skin comes with an alternative theme named 'DarkBlue'. To use it you have
to copy the file 'Enigma-DarkBlue.theme' from the themes-directory of the
Enigma-skin to your /themes-directory. After a restart of vdr
the theme should be selecteable in the OSD-settings of VDR.
If you've created a nice theme for Enigma please let me know and mail it to me
... if you like to contribute it.
BTW: It is recommended to delete the old themes of Enigma in the
/themes-directory to asure you use the latest design.

User of unmodded DVB-cards (2 MB OSD-memory) need to be aware, that this skin
will not run on the hardware, if too big values are chosen for width or height
(VDR-setup -> OSD). Depending on the driver/firmware/dvb-card-combination there
should be 90000 to 92000 Bytes of OSD-memory available. So you could start with
a save guess of width x height = 600 x 490 and work your way up to 600 x 505 and
test if it works (all objects are shown).

It is recomended to apply the patch 'vdr-1.3.18-osdbase-maxitems.diff' in the
patches-dir of Enigma to VDR. The patch (apply it in the vdr-dir) will prevent,
that the last menu-item is hidden behind the recording-info (if there is an
ongoing recording).
You can also use the patch 'vdr-1.3.17-osdbase-maxitems.diff', which comes with

I want to thank Sascha Volkenandt and Kenny (vdr-portal) for the great support
while designing this skin. Also I want to thank the people at vdr-portal for
providing me with a lot of constructive feedback to improve the skin.